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Creepy Crawlers Reptiles & Exotics
About Us.....


Who we are!!!!

 Creepy Crawlers Reptiles & Exotics is all you need for your animal needs.We have all that crawls at prices to keep you coming back for more!!!Here at Creepy Crawlers Reptiles & Exotics we believe that value is all that matters when it comes to the supply of  animals.We will go out of our way to make sure your animals arrive safe and stress free.All animals are shipped the following day of the order overnight express through Airborn Express.The faster they get to you the healthier the animals will be.All animals are guarenteed free of parasites external/internal and are dewormed prior to ship out!!!We welcome all sales to dealers/wholesalers & general public.A minimum order of $100.00 must be placed.Again Thank You for your interest in our animals and we hope to hear from you soon!!!!

$200.00 SMALL 12-16 INCHES

Back in the Day!!!!!

It all began as a hobby.Then as the hobby grew I knew that I would love to make this my career.The future lays ahead and the road shines bright for the reptile & exotic market.Only time will tell the story!!!!!

Send an e-mail of your pet to to be posted on our site!!!!!